This is an Illinois ADMIRAL EVANS model wristwatch. It is very special for several reasons: 1. it is YGF, less than a handful examples of this model are known to exist in a YGF case, plus it has its original crown; 2. it is 0 size, most Admiral Evan’s are 3/0 size; 3. it has swivel lugs which are more desirable than fixed lugs and are rarer; 4. it has an apparent custom enamel dial with what appears to be gold eagles around the perimeter of the dial. Overall, this is a highly special watch.

It YGF case is very good with some light corner bezel wear. It also sports and excellent original custom enamel dial.

This watch belongs to a major military watch collector that has asked to sell it on his behalf.

Its 0 size, 15j movement is running fine and is guaranteed for one year plus ten days.

It is $1295.00 OBO.