This is an Illinois NEW YORKER model wristwatch. It has an excellent YGF bezel with one ding on the side of its case back and several case back corners with tiny wear holes.

This case is the only one that I have ever seen that is just signed “Wadsworth “ inside the case back, meaning that it awas likely first presented to Illinois as a prototype or sample case. Once Illinois opted to contract for this case its name and model number were added to the inside case back. This is a fascinating piece.

It also has an excellent original dial with gold foil numbers. This is only the third dial that I have seen like this. So, overall this is a very rare collectible Illinois Watch.

This watch is from the personal collection of famed Illinois collector Farrell Gay!!

Its 6/0 size, 17j movement is running fine and is guaranteed for one year plus ten days.

It is $595.00 OBO, plus $11.50 for shipping.