This is an Illinois PIONEER model wristwatch. When I wrote my book set, I was not aware what this watch actually was. I assumed wrongly that is was merely a contract cased-watch. I had receive an image of the front of it and another identical one from Farrell Gay along with images of his other watches. But, until I recently had an opportunity to personally examine it, I did not know that this was a custom watch for the Pioneer Watch Case Co.

The terrific dial was designed and manufactured specifically for this case that is signed on it case “ Pioneer”. Its case back has been restored. It has an excellent original dial.

This is a very interesting and good looking watch from the personal collection of famed Illinois collector Farrell Gay!!

Its 21/0 size, 15j movement is running fine and is guaranteed for one year plus ten days.

It is $295.00 OBO, plus $11.50 for shipping.